Saved by the Crepe

The end of the university term has nearly been the end of me. 

On Wednesday, it was bingo at the Hillhead Bookclub (see previous post if you haven't been and you will (hopefully) be convinced to visit) which proved not as successful as last time, where I won a delicious free meal for two, but still exciting because I won a cocktail. 
I know it's not really possible but there is no denying the facts; I am good at bingo. 

It's worth going if you want a night out with an element of competition. Taking place on the last Wednesday of every month, the prizes aren't to be sniffed at either. The free meal is the prize of the first round, a crate of beer the prize of round two and the grand finale, round three, is a whopping £500. Which, when it's free to pay as long as you get a round, is worth heading down for. Plus, if you're inventive, the host Rich T Bizzkit might just rap for you. 

Then last night into this morning, me and my Uni pals celebrated the end of first year at the Glasgow uni union. 
Pints of fun = not so fun in the morning. 
I don't really know what is in a pint of fun, but given it's luminous orange colour and adictively-chemical taste, I'd rather not ask. 

So, safe to say that there has not been the greatest amount of cooking over the last couple of days. Unless you count pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese, which I don't. 
Seeing as it is hard to do a review of a whiskey and coke, or a pint of fun, my saving grace today comes from one of the yummiest forms of food that will make your hangover manageable. Surprisingly, the crepe. 

Right at the top of Byres Road, next to Oran Moar, there is a godsend of a place called Crepe-a-Croissant. There are four in Glasgow, the other three at St. Enoch Square, Hope Street and Ashley street.  As the name suggests, their main attraction are the crepes and croissants. 
Think not of a stall which relies only on sugar and lemon, or nutella to spice things up (although if they tickle your fancy they are, of course, available) but instead of a huge range or sweet, savoury and vegetarian fillings. They also do paninis, speciality breads, bagels, amazing baked potatoes and homemade soup. 

My own personal favourites are the chicken pesto and emmental crepe, challenged by today's discovery of the vegetarian chilli con carne and cheese. Heaven in a pancake. 

They do a student discount, the prices are reasonable and the portions are big. The Byres Road branch is also open till midnight Sunday-Thursday and until 1am on Friday and Saturday, which means getting chips and cheese can be replaced by something a lot healthier and a lot tastier after a night in the pub. A place to add to the list of restaurants I WILL eat everything on the menu in before my graduation.

Another exciting culinary discovery comes in the small form of the Graze box, my first of which came yesterday to immense excitement. In it, I got apple and cinnamon flapjacks, a mixture of pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and dark chocolate, herby crackers and lovely little tomato baguettes with a BBQ relish, all yummy. I'm still undecided if I'm going to cancel my account now that I have to pay for them, but I quite like the excitement of a little box of snacks appearing every week. It's like snack Santa. 

Tonight, we are going to SubClub for a night of boogie courtesy of Richy Ahmed so no amazing dinner is on the cards, however I just took some mince out the freezer and will be writing about easy-to-make burgers or something similar in the next couple of days, fear not! 


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