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My first full and illustrated restaurant review today! In order to take advantage of the last opportunity for free food, courtesy of my lovely parents, me and my boyfriend got up at the crack of dawn (8:45) to join them for breakfast/brunch. When does brunch stop being breakfast? Google tells me late morning, so I guess ours might just have been breakfast... but brunch sounds better so I'm keeping my title.

ootd; feeling like Madeline the Parisienne schoolgirl in my urban outfitters dress 
and topshop boots and shirt. (Excuse the horribly smudged mirror, I'm not well 
practised at full length photos yet and didn't notice, but I will improve!)

Anyway, the place we went is one I've been to twice before. It's called Epicures of Hyndland. Here are links to it's Facebook and it's website, for all you curious Glaswegians. It's very easy to get to if you live in the west end, you just go down Byres Road in the direction of the University, and turn right at the crossroads with Tinderbox on the corner, and continue until you find it (those are rough directions, but as the name suggests it is indeed in Hyndland).

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Epicuresofhyndland?fref=ts
Website - http://www.epicuresofhyndland.co.uk

As someone well aware of how important breakfast is and who enjoys actual breakfast food more than almost any other food-genre, I very rarely eat breakfast. A crime, I know and I do love breakfast, but I must confess those ten minutes before a lecture are often better spent in bed.

At Epicures though, the breakfast is definitely worth getting up for. I had my all time breakfast favourite; Eggs Benedict. For those of you that haven't had Eggs Benedict before, it is a poached egg, sat on top of bacon and again on an english muffin, and coated in hollandaise sauce. Which is, in my opinion, perhaps the champion of sauces. Simple too, made just by emulsifying egg yolks and melted butter, normally with some lemon juice of white wine vinegar. Yum. I'm making myself hungry again just thinking about it.

Mum and my boyfriend both had the cooked breakfast, which looked just as good. 

Calum's verdict; "Beezer, I am full and happy, this was a sturdy step towards conquering my fear of cooked breakfasts after last time, when breakfast made a second appearance after losing a fight with alcohol... *shudders* Good sausages too. I liked the little pot with the beans also."
(As a side note, for those of you who don't like their beans touching their bacon, like my mum, this is the place for you). 

For all you veggies out there, I have also had the Eggs Florentine (the same as the above but with buttery wilted spinach instead of bacon <3) and the veggie cooked breakfast, with mushrooms and veggie sausages, which was sublime. 

You'll have to excuse the uneven distribution of sausages to black pudding, some swapping was done before I could take a picture. 

Anyhow, to conclude this little review (hey, word of the ordinary-man and all that) Epicures is well worth a visit. They do breakfast every day, and whilst I haven't been for lunch or dinner yet, the menus look amazing and I will definitely be trying it out. It is slightly above the average student budget, so my tip for this one is either save it for a well-deserved treat, or get mum and dad to take you like I did. Aside from the food, the staff are friendly and the atmosphere is lovely; laid back, self-assured and definitely in the right place. 

Now, to get up the nerve to poach an egg myself.
Orange and lemon chicken (style pieces of quorn) stir-fry for dinner tonight, yum.


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