Food Review 2; Soba.

Another restaurant review today! After a sunny, slightly blustery walk into uni this morning I discovered (without too much trauma) that my lectures were cancelled. So instead of going back to bed I decided to meet Calum and take him for lunch at one of my favourite places to eat on Byres Road; Soba.

Soba is an Asian street food restaurant and cocktail, with cool decor and good music. During the week they have drinks promotions (the apple and ginger mojito, at £3, is divine) and if you and a friend both have student cards, you can get your cheapest main course free between Monday and Friday! Brilliant!

I've been a few times now, splitting the already reduced bill makes it an affordable treat every now and then. I've always loved Asian cuisine and the month I spent in Thailand and Cambodia last summer solidified that love (although, rice and noodles for a month solid was a bit much). Soba however, is authentic, tasty and has a variety of lots of different foods on the menu.
Koh Chang Island, Thailand, 2013

One of my favourite dishes they do is called a massaman curry. It is a beef curry, which has a thick peanut-y sauce which includes potatoes and a lot of other yummy things. I had it first at Parklife festival in Manchester, from a Thai street food stall and then again whilst in Thailand. This is the fist time I have seen it on a menu in a restaurant though and if it sounds like it's up your street, it's worth going for that alone.

Today, I had a delicious starter of Hong Kong dumplings; steamed dumplings with a variety of fillings, served in the cutest little bamboo steamer and served with soy dipping sauce. They were lovely and just the right size for a starter. Calum had Malaysian chicken satay skewers and by the rate they disappeared I wouldn't have guessed there were any complaints..

 For main course I had another dish off the menu that I've tried before (I've only been a few times, honest), basil chilli chicken. Again, not unlike a dish which I tried on the Island of Koh Chang in Thailand, it's amazing. Subtly spicy and sweet, served with aromatic jasmine rice and packed full of petit pois and peppers.

Basil Chilli Chicken, yum. 

Calum had a Japanese chicken katsu curry, which also looked amazing. Katsu is a bit like the (better) Japanese equivalent of southern fried chicken, but with a finer, more crispy coating. Smothered in curry sauce and served with rice, I tried it and it's another thing to add to my list of things to try off the menu, which consists of basically everything. 

Japanese chicken katsu curry

After such a big lunch I think it will be a very small tea. But tonight we are heading to the O2 ABC to see one of my long-standing favourite bands, Metronomy. Having seen them once, way back in the day in the tunnels in Aberdeen I am really looking forward to it. I've also never been to the ABC before, so that should be exciting. 

As for my outfit, going for the Cruella Deville/Mario look today, in my Oh My Love dogtooth dungarees. If you are into clothes definitely check out their website, they have far too much gorgeous stuff for my wallet. I like wearing these with platform chelsea boots, either a skinny or wider belt and a top underneath for day time. If you are going clubbing though, they look amazing with no top on underneath.

Have a lovely evening everyone! 


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