Hangover wishlist.

Evening all.

Today is not a day for cooking. Nor is it a day for putting together an amazing outfit. Instead, today has been all about being hungover, trying to crank my brain so I can finish an essay and lounging about not opening the curtains because I just don't want to.

Today is perfectly embodied by the fact that this morning I found the mail basket and hall full of weetabix that I can only assume someone lovingly posted through the door last night... thanks xox.

Last night was brilliant. The gig was amazing, afterwards my first ever visit to a Weatherspoons was probably too enthusiastic and then extended to Nice N Sleazy's where we ended up meeting the band members and being embarrassingly gushy and getting a picture (Oscar Cash, we <3 you) as well as having one too many skittle bombs. Feeling it today my friends.

So instead of the usual recipe or review or bubbliness about cuisine I'm gonna do a primarily fashion blog. Looking and lusting at pretty things will make me feel less slumpy.

Just to paint a mental image I'm sitting eating a large bag of bacon rasher crisps dunked in cream cheese, ew, you don't need a picture of that. Or, incidentally, the deep fried hamburger I accidentally bought on a drunken whim last night. I can still smell it.

                                Get one.

So here are the things I am lusting over at the moment, an insight if you will into my fantasy lookbook.

H&M's upcoming Conscious Exclusive range, which drops on the tenth of april, looks like it's going to be amazing. I adore the ethereal floaty whites, bring on summer.

Next winter I'm definitely going to be investing in a new winter coat, my old faithful is a bit out of date and a bit scruffy. Something along the lines of the Whitepepper from Oh My Love.

For the first time in years I'm going on a couple of sun-worship holidays this summer, and that means one thing; swimwear. Acacia swimwear is totally and completely out of any sort of budget I have, but this bikini is beautiful and definitely the sort of thing I'm looking for. Asos have some lovely and slightly more in budget alternatives though.

The onset of spring weather is making me incredibly excited for festivals and holidays and being able to buy summer clothes and dig out my old favourites that remain buried at the back in the wardrobe for most of the year.

The whole Folklore collection that Topshop have in at the moment is what I want to be wearing come sunnier days, in particular all the print trousers and shirts.


Anyhow, I could probably go on and on and on about all the things on my wish list right now, but I have just realised how starving I am and I still need to conclude this essay, blaaah. So for today that's it. I'm salivating for sunshine so I can start dressing pretty and light.

Leftover chilli baked potatoes for dinner. Perfect hangover fodder. 


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