Okay so, here we go.
Having built myself up to finally start this blog as a way of getting my writing 'out there', I have finally brought myself to post. Finally. 
You will have to excuse me for being a bit generic in the beginning, working backgrounds and templates is a world foreign to me but I will get there. I guess the best place to begin is with an introduction.

My name is Lindsay, I am a first year English Literature student at the University of Glasgow and an aspiring writer; hence this. My dream job, one day, I hope, is to be a food writer or travel journalist. I live in Glasgow and I keep busy with my two passions; reading books and eating food. 

The basic idea behind this blog is to be one that is slightly 'different'. I admit, considering the hundreds of thousands of individuals launching their thoughts onto the internet daily, this will be no mean feat. So I've decided to cover the basic grounds which are my interests as a teenage girl; fashion, walking, music, reading - but also to get my foot in the door of food writing. I want to eat out  (as much as a student budget allows and I'll admit, perhaps not that often), but more importantly, to then create recipes inspired by the food I eat, home favourites or even exotic new dishes on a student budget. 

There are hundreds of student cookbooks out there, covering the basics within the SAAS allowance, but as a student myself (don't get me wrong, I read cookbooks for pleasure and Mary Berry is my god on earth) it has to be admitted that they get a bit, well, boring. I am a literature student, which suggests an unhealthy attraction to the written words, but if I see the 'bargain hungry student' or 'cooking on a budget' for the fifth time on the shelf in Tesco I'm not likely to pick it up. The first time, great, but how many do we need? 

We all have to admit, given online university portals and, well everything you ever need right there on the internet, spending 7.99 might not be worth your bother. So my aim is to provide an easier, more entertaining and let's face it, free way to get great recipes online, from someone who really does know what they're talking about. So, by employing my willing boyfriend and friends as taste-testers, as well as also posting about my clothes obsession and reviews of the amazing variety of clubs and restaurants in Glasgow, I hope to keep you all well fed and well read (and entertained by rhyme) as a way of beginning my career in writing... and as an excuse to cook and eat and wear amazing clothes as much as I can. 
I will begin the recipe posts tomorrow, with a spaghetti bolognese recipe which happily challenges my mums and the best macaroni cheese you will possibly ever eat.. I'm on my way to SubClub.


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