The Butterfly and the Pig, West.

After my English exam, in desperate need of sustenance, me and Calum decided to head somewhere new in search of tasty food and good atmosphere. So, venturing a little further down Byres Road than we usually wander, we happened upon a pub/restaurant/tearoom that I have wanted to visit for quite a while now; The Butterfly and the Pig.

This version is the second model of the restaurant, which originates on Bath Street in Glasgow, but gladly ventured out to the West End, on Partick Bridge St, not too long ago. I had heard good reviews from friends as to the pub element, but as of yet had not heard anything on the food. A quick look online at the menus solidified my curiosity, and now here we were.

Now, any of you who have read my blog before will know of my undying love for the Hillhead Bookclub. Something about the quirky decor and cocktails just keeps me wanting more. The Butterfly and Pig, dare I say it, has a very similar appeal. I haven't been to the one on Bath St, but the West End one is gorgeous. You walk in to a mixture of mis-matched arm chairs, vintage wallpapers and lace doilies, which combine to create something that is cool, not tacky. Right up my street. You can choose to sit in the charmingly chintz, but still trendy restaurant, or to cosy into one of the many armchairs and sofas that surround the bar; we did the latter.

The service is good. After scanning the quirkily written menu, which is full to bursting of delicious meals, I chose (hate to say it) a burger. Again, I know, but I often think that the quality of a place can be judged by it's burgers. They are easy to do, but hard to do really well. This time it was a chicken burger, topped with cheese, bacon, tomatoes and salad, with a side of home made chips and pickled cucumber.
I have to say, the burger test was passed with flying colours. The chicken was perfectly cooked, the bacon was actually crispy (I have a phobia of fat on bacon if it isn't crispy, often a problem in sandwiches etc) and tasted delicious. The salad and cheese were both flavourful. The chips were plentiful and yummy; I couldn't finish them, which is always happy news for Calum and a good indication that portion sizes are spot on.

Calum went for something I wouldn't normally choose, but upon trying and tasting his would definitely opt for; bangers and mash. Served in a gorgeous china bowl, the sausages were surrounded by a puddle of mash, onion and gravy which was delicious. Calum is a sucker for condiments (my mum is sometimes offended by his love of sauces) and he didn't even feel the need to add to the flavour of this at all. It also filled him up, a near impossible feat.

After we had finished, we were brought the bill with two delicious cubes of tiffin, or chocolate fudge of some sort (I ate both). It is well priced for the portion size and quantity, so I had no qualms with the bill. We are also going to go and just have a drink in it at some point, it has a gorgeous bar with plenty of seating which seems as if it would be lovely on a Friday or Saturday night.

Overall, I would (and probably will) visit The Butterfly and the Pig again. Great food, and a charming atmosphere, it feels every bit as trendy as The Hillhead Bookclub. I will be taking my mum when she visits next time; high praise.

Another rave review; there are just too many good places to eat in Glasgow, it isn't fair on a girls wallet.
To be honest, I think I just have a weakness for places that serve good food with miss-matched silverware... and with such a cute logo, who could resist.

Definitely recommended! Happy Sunday everyone.

Lindsay x


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