Brunch on Byres - Charlie Rocks

It's been an absolutely stunning week in Glasgow. Hot, sunny, and with no exams to do it has been mostly spent lounging in the botanic gardens eating ice-cream and feeding the squirrels. I even had shorts on and a chance to wear my new sandals yesterday and not a goose bump in sight.

Whilst it's a bit duller today, it still looks set to be a nice weekend and so my blog today is one which is encouraging you to do one of my favourite weekend activities; brunch. I've written a couple of blogs about brunch before, there is no shortage of places which offer it up on a Saturday and Sunday and it's one of my favourite meals to go for. A perfect start to a lazy weekend day, whether you've been out the night before and are in need of a saviour in the form of bacon, or if you're just having a laid back one. 

The place I went for this particular brunch is a place on Byres Road which I have been to before. It's called Charlie Rocks, and is an American Diner which does great burgers, great deals AND 'hard shakes'... alcoholic milkshakes, you can't go wrong.
It's owned by the same people who own Epicures of Hyndland (see former post on their wonderful brunches) so I was feeling confident that it would be up to a similar standard.
We popped along for a Saturday brunch with an American twist. Because of the setting, and the smell, I couldn't help but opt for a classic stack of thick buttermilk pancakes, topped with streaky bacon and maple syrup. They were divine; I grew up in Canada, so I know a good buttermilk pancake, and these definitely stood up to expectations. They are also probably the only meal you need in one day, I couldn't finish mine so you won't be disappointed by portion size.

It was last weekend so I was with Mum and Mel. Mel opted for the vegetarian breakfast, complete with authentic hash brown. Mum went for eggs royale; like Benedict but with smoked salmon instead of bacon. All enjoyed with freshly squeezed orange juice, it was a delight and set us up perfectly for a day of pavement pounding and going round the shops.

The menu also includes bagels, french toast, a full fry up and eggs all sorts of ways. I would definitely recommend popping along this, or any, weekend, especially if you are in the mood for something particularly hearty. Typing this is making me hungry, perhaps I will have to try and knock up some pancakes of my own...

So that's my weekend recommendation for all those who are in Glasgow and are hungry. One to take note of if you find yourself looking for somewhere to eat, Charlie Rocks is definitely worth trying at any time of day. During the week they do a brilliant £5 lunch deal, where you can choose between the burger of the day or the soup and sandwich of the day. If you are a student, you can also flash your matric card and get a free draft drink, excellent!
Plus, the grilled cheese is to die for...

Have a happy weekend everyone! Eat some pancakes, everything is happier with pancakes.

Lindsay x


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