Lazy weekend breakfast.

Yesterday, just before we left Glasgow, we made a gem of a discovery that is the North Star cafe.
Situated on Queen Margaret Drive, I walk past it often but yesterday was the first time I have actually been in and I was glad I did. 
Since it was a Saturday morning it seemed wrong not to just go all out and have the full Scottish breakfast. I normally go for the veggie one, which they do have, but today I was in the mood for the full works. 
It was wonderful. Dare I say it even better than the one I reviewed a while ago from Epicures of Hyndland - and an awful lot cheaper. 

It consisted of the usual, lovely bacon, lorn sausage, amazing black pudding (which is saying something from me, as normally I'm not keen on it), egg, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, tattie scones and gorgeous ciabatta toast. Traditional breakfast with a lovely Italian twist; which seems to be the ethos of the place, with lovely ciabatta sandwiches for lunch, salads, gorgeous pastas for dinner and even homemade Spanish tortilla which is amazing according to my boyfriend. 

Inside it is right up my street. The tables are lovely slabs of wood which make the most of the slim floor space and the walls are lined with cookbooks, prints of Glasgow and tins of tasty looking Mediterranean  things. The staff are more than friendly, the service was good and prices low. 
Now that I've discovered it I think it will become a regular hit if I need a hangover breakfast, or just a good cup of italian coffee. 

Because I'm on about breakfast today I thought I would include a recipe for one of my favourite weekend breakfasts, which my mum was lovely enough to treat us to this morning; smoked salmon scrambled eggs. Admittedly, this is not something you eat often (unless you are the Queen, I used to think she ate it everyday when I was little) because smoked salmon might not normally be in the fridge. However, if you happen to have some leftover, or just fancy a treat, it couldn't be easier. 

All you need is; 

  • eggs (two per person, add a couple more if you're really hungry)
  • a knob of butter
  • as much smoked salmon as you fancy, cut into strips
  • milk, a tbsp per egg (or if you're feeling super indulgent use cream)
  • pepper, to season 
  1. Me and my mum both cook scrambled eggs on the hob. So, you want to melt your large knob of butter in a saucepan. Whisk your eggs with a fork to combine in a separate bowl, then add them to the pan, which should be on a medium heat. 
  2. In another bowl, add the milk to the smoked salmon and leave to steep. 
  3. Keep stirring the egg, scraping it from the bottom of the pan and from around the edges and you will see it start to scramble. 
  4. The next step depends on how you like your eggs, as you want to add the salmon and the milk just before they are ready. I like mine runny, so will add them just before they are done to my liking and then keep stirring, until it has all thickened up again. If you like yours well done, like my mum, just keep cooking the eggs on their own until they are again almost ready and do the same. 
  5. Season with pepper and serve with or without toast, on an english muffin, bagel or just on their own. Mum served hers on toasted Turkish flatbread.

    Yum, a perfect start to a lazy sunday.  


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