For when you don't want to COOK...

So last night I gave in, I cheated, I didn't cook.
Sometimes when you're having a night in on your own it's just too difficult to find the inspiration. To save myself spending far too much money on a pizza, or just eating a sandwich, I headed down to the newly opened 'COOK' on Great Western Road.

When I walked in I was instantly greeted by a woman giving me a sample of chocolate torte; I'm sold already. The company are big down south, but relatively new to the west of Scotland.
The idea behind the brand is good, healthy homemade food to have in your freezer, what's not to love?!

Because it was my first try I decided to go for something which would accurately indicate how good it really was - Indian. Living in Glasgow I'm not exactly short of Indian takeaways, but they are often lacklustre and the ones available in the supermarket never really 'wow'.
Using the handy little symbols which are the key to how to heat it, whether it's glucose/dairy free and whether it's low in calories or not I selected the garlic chicken curry and peas pilau rice. The packaging even tells you the name of the chef who cooked your dinner for you, love.

When I went up to pay I was pleasantly surprised by the price. At just over a fiver for both dishes this was cheaper than a curry in a restaurant and most supermarket takeaways.
Price, good.
Marketing, good, so now the proof had to be in the pudding. Or rather, curry.

When I got home I popped it in the freezer again because I wasn't quite hungry enough. When it came to cooking it though, it couldn't have been more simple - basic in for 3 minutes, stir, another 3 etc. However, it was pretty obvious once I had put it onto my plate that this was going to be better than your average Iceland frozen curry (yes, I have had one).

For one thing, the chicken was lovely, tender, high quality meat. It was also packed full with colourful, fresh vegetables, which I love in curry and don't think there is enough of  most of the time, unless you make it yourself. The rice was perfectly spiced and the bright green garden peas added a bit of life to the whole thing.
Altogether it was under six hundred calories, low for a curry, or any dinner for that matter. It was full of flavour and really did taste homemade. In short, I would have been happy being served it in a restaurant, let alone from frozen.

Overall, I'm impressed. It was cheap, tasty and full of veg. They have a huge range of fish, beef, pork, chicken and veggie dishes and next time I'm feeling lazy I'm throwing out my Domino's menu and heading down to COOK.

As for the rest of my day, once I have worked my way through all the Mary Berry on iPlayer I am headed to Subby tonight to see one of the best of Scottish DJs, the mighty Jackmaster.
Having missed out on seeing him at the Warehouse Project thanks to exams and unfortunately cutting his set short due to illness down in Liverpool, I am excited.

And hey, maybe instead of getting chips and cheese afterwards I'll head down to COOK and get something nice to pop in the freezer...


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