A Brelliant burger.

Well the weekend has been incredibly busy and as a result there has been a disappointing lack of cooking.

Cashmere Cat on Thursday was one of the best nights I have ever had, the music was amazing, he himself is an incredibly nice guy who's more than happy to chat to fans and as a venue Broadcast is small enough to be intimate and loud enough to sound amazing.

Cashmere Cat <3 
I had stayed at Calum's for a couple nights before that so my outfit resources were wearing thin.. However, nothing is impossible and having a boyfriend with good taste and an amazing wardrobe comes in very handy in times of need. Here I'm wearing his Top Man polo, my Topshop moth
trousers and platform chelsea boots.

Yesterday my mum and dad came down and because we had some cause for celebration we went for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants on Ashton Lane, Brel. I don't go often; for dinner it can be quite pricey for a student, but they do have a great pub, and a gorgeous beer garden that has just opened again because of the nice weather. They do however have a great lunch deal during the week where you can choose from a variety of sandwiches for a mere £5.something.

The dinner menu is amazing. The burgers are simple, but so good I would say they easily rival those of Ketchup across the lane. There is also a selection of mains, from fish and chips to steak, salads and amazing poussin, which is a small chicken, serves lightly fried with skinny fries, garlic butter and alioli; to die for. Perhaps not an ideal choice on a first date though, as you will be smelling like a garlic clove for some time afterwards.

Last night I went for my favourite and had the burger and skinny fries. They do an amazing steak sandwich as well as a fish finger burger (my mums favourite) and a delicious pulled pork sandwich. I went for the classic beef though, topped with chipotle mayo, homemade spicy ketchup, salad and mature cheddar cheese. Bliss.

Dad had the same as me and mum had a fish supper that was perfection. Light crispy batter and chunky chips, with homemade tartar sauce, mushy peas and a delicious chunk of bread for the essential chip butty.

If you haven't been to Ashton Lane (where have you been?!) I would highly recommend it as worth a visit one evening if you're in Glasgow. It is like something from a postcard; cobbled and cute, overstrung with fairylights.

The restaurants and pubs which line it offer a wide range of different places to eat and drink, from Ashoka the Indian restaurant to Jinty McGuinty's, the raucous Irish Pub. There is the Ubiquitous Chip  for amazing fine dining, I went for my 18th birthday, or Ketchup for one of an impressive range of burgers.

The Grosvenor cinema is probably one of the cutest cinemas I have ever been to, it only has two screens so you have to time it right depending on what you want to see, but if you book online and are only going with one other person the back of the screen is lined with little sofas so you can get cosy.

There is something for everyone and it's a great place to start a night out or begin a pub crawl. Hey, any lane that you can go on a pub crawl on and never walk more that 200m is a winner.
It's also one of the few places in Glasgow that you can drink on the street, so you can imagine the atmosphere on a sunny summers evening.

Alas, it was my last night in Glasgow, I'm now back in Aberdeenshire for the easter revision break. Not that I'm not happy to be home; it will mean a lot more baking recipes and hopefully a couple of destination Aberdeenshire reviews and maybe even a visit to the gorgeous seaside town of Findhorn.

For the rest of the day I will be cosying up with my cats and tucking into this delight. Heaven.


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