The Little Curry House, small but mighty.

It has been a while since I blogged, for a number of reasons, some more glamorous than others.
Since my last post, work filled my time to such an extent that any spare moment was spent asleep. That was until I went to T in the Park, where the half-frozen chips and cheese, hockey-puck chicken burgers, porta-loos and mud are arguably less than glamorous, but that is definitely beside the point.
After T in the Park I was lucky enough to be going on holiday with my best friend, to Croatia. We flew out to a beautiful island on the Dalmatian Coast for a week, where we swam, ate sea food and tried to avoid the 38degree sun as much as is possible. As a result I have returned the exact same 'light porcelain' colour that I was before (or that's what my makeup tells me at least).  This all adds up, as well as the fact that, I'm sure as all bloggers know, sometimes you just get yourself into a bit of a slump.

Now that I have returned to Scotland, where the rain doesn't exactly encourage outdoor frolicking and work has slowed down a little bit over the quiet summer months, I don't have any of those excuses, glamorous or otherwise, to keep me from catching up.
My last blog was a review of a newfound favourite Indian restaurant in the West End, Cafe India Tapas. Following on from that I promised a review of another great little Indian, which I discovered with my lovely friend, and excellent eating partner Floraidh, The Little Curry House on Byres Road.

Me and Flo have made a bit of a tradition of spontaneous lunches together. I'll be honest, it's what I drag all of my friends to do with me, keen or otherwise. So on one of these occasions, after our planned restaurant turned out to be shut, shock horror, we had to be inventive.
Both finding that the other loved Indian food, we found ourselves standing outside The Little Curry House. The restaurant, formerly known as the Wee Curry Shop, is a surprisingly tiny place, which is wedged in-between shop fronts and doesn't immediately stand out when you walk past. It has been on the Glaswegian curry scene since 1988, and is run by a father and son team. Interestingly, the head chef, and father of the duo, used to be head chef and half owner of Mother India's Cafe, a restaurant that I haven't visited yet, but which I am always told is the best Indian restaurant in Glasgow. After nearly a decade there he took over what was the Wee Curry Shop, and The Little Curry House is the result. Having both heard good things, and with this incredibly promising history we decided to give it a go.

When we went in, we were the first customers of the day, and were seated up in the mezzanine floor right next to the window and right above the kitchen. This meant we, the nosey beggars that we are, could watch everything we ordered being cooked from above.
It smelled amazing, and the matchbox sized kitchen was obviously already busy preparing food for the day, as well as the odd takeaways which appeared every so often. The menu was quite small, but in that really good way where you know everything is going to be cooked carefully and with exacting detail. There were an impressive number of vegetarian dishes, and not one meal that I wouldn't have ordered. Floraidh and I both went for the Chilli Garlic Chicken, consistently one of my favourite curries, mine with pickle and hers without. On the side we each ordered a naan bread, with Floraidh getting a plain and me going for my somewhat guilty favourite, Peshwari, which I only get if I'm not sharing it because a) Calum doesn't like it, and he is my regular curry partner and b) it's too good to share anyway.
The food came quickly, after we had watched it being cooked, served in a little copper pan with the naan in a basket beside it.
It was delicious, spicy but not too spicy, full of vegetables and really well cooked chicken, fresh garlic and green chillies, as well as a fragrant but subtle blend of other flavours.
The naans were hot and obviously freshly made, and I scoffed the whole of the Peshwari despite being completely full, just because it was so good. The quality of the food was on a par with what I have eaten at other, 'fancy' Indian restaurants, but paid almost double for. The two paired together made the perfect size lunch, and we left full, but not stuffed.
I'll admit, we even got an ice-cream afterwards, but that was nothing but greed.

My meal, plus a soft drink, cost me just over a tenner which was almost unbelievable given the quality of the food and the excellent service. Both of the waiters that served us were chatty, informative and really friendly. The restaurant itself is lovely inside, with subtle Scottish decoration and a calm, friendly atmosphere, perfect for lunch and a glass of wine with a girlfriend, or an intimate romantic meal. Given the incredible prices, gentle on even the stingiest of student budgets, I will definitely be going back to The Little Curry House and I think it will be my go to when it comes to a curry craving, especially given it's worryingly close proximity to the University. Library break, anyone?

Good quality, well priced, with delicious ingredients and a subtlety of flavour that makes perfect sense when you know of the head chefs prowess, The Little Curry House produces amazing quality Indian cuisine but without any flashiness, other than the impressiveness of the food. I would recommend this charming little restaurant in a heartbeat, whether you are a relatively new curry fan or a connoisseur. Don't be fooled by it's small size, The Little Curry House delivers some seriously impressive food.

Lindsay x


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