Back to Glasgow and Blogging; Hillhead Bookclub's new lunch menu.

With my return to Glasgow comes a return to my blog, yippee! Unfortunately, there was only so much in Aberdeenshire to write about and between my job and well... sleeping, I couldn't quite sustain it. 
But now that I am back in the beautiful west end of Glasgow there is no excuse, apart from university I suppose, but that didn't get in the way last year. I'm also looking for a job this year, so if anyone knows of anywhere looking for either a retail assistant or waitress preferably in the west end PLEASE drop me a comment and I will be forever in your favour. 

Term hasn't started yet, but freshers week definitely has. Me and my new flatmate Lauren live right on the main path from halls to uni. Several times this week I have been smiled at by sympathetic Freshers helpers, who obviously think that because I am in Tesco on my own I'm a complete social pariah and have made no friends, or am possibly lost. I keep getting swept into tours and don't even get me started on the flyers. I feel like I should be wearing a t-shirt which says '2nd Year' on it, because I'm the first to admit I still don't look old enough to be at university full stop. 
Mind you, if you're going to give me free stuff... 

I've been here less than a week, which has mainly been spent building things from Ikea (I can now proudly say I have three functioning bookshelves to my name) so there hasn't been anything wonderful going on in my kitchen yet. I did however, introduce one of my friends, Sarah, who has just moved to the West End to the wonders/necessity of Hillhead Bookclub, discovering that they have a new lunch menu. 
Sadly, the brisket sandwich, which was one of my favourite things in life, is now gone, but the new menu isn't short of exciting new offerings (and still contains the burger, thank goodness). I had the new book club veggie sandwich, which is their veggie version of the club. Filled with mozzarella, hummus, roasted vegetables, a chickpea fritter and pesto it was amazing and had that wonderful feeling of being healthy, even though there were six bits of bread involved. I had it with chips too, of course. 

Sarah had the new chorizo meatball baguette, as indulgent as it sounds, with BBQ sauce and sour cream (if I remember correctly). It was huge, and whilst I'm not the biggest lover of chorizo in the world it looked amazing and I'm pretty sure it will become Lauren's and Calum's new favourite. Next time I go for lunch though, possibly very soon, I'm going to try their homemade sausage roll and beans; ultimate comfort food. 
Washed down with a raspberry daiquiri and (cough) maybe more than one gin and tonic, (only £2 though mum) it was the perfect welcome back to Glasgow.
I've not had a look at their new dinner menu yet but from the Instagram posts it looks just as tempting... And with bingo coming up this Wednesday who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and win the first round again. 

There seems to be a variety of new restaurants popping up all over the West End, all of which I am way too excited to try. Me and Lauren might be heading out for a celebratory 'welcome to the new flat' lunch soon though, and one place I'm desperate to try is 'The Crafty Pig', which has opened on Great Western Road, in what used to be the The Little Urban Achiever's Club (next to Viper, for all you students). It's a brew house and a smokery and glancing at the menu tells me that the one thing it looks like they do with relish is, you guessed it, burgers. With relish... Geddit? Hawhaw. 
So hopefully that will be the next thing I blog about, but regardless I will definitely posting reviews and recipes regularly once more! 

For now though, I have to go and vote and take the bins out and finish reading 'The Tempest' by Shakespeare. Not my favourite so far, to say the least. 
So, happy voting, be nice to everyone and if it all gets to much, I would recommend an impartial burger to ease your woes.
 Lindsay x 


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